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Property Claims: Commercial, Industrial, School District & Municipal

Fort Worth Public Adjusters 

Business owners face many challenges when dealing with a commercial insurance claim, and there are several reasons why you might need a Fort Worth claims adjuster. If you choose to file a claim on your own, you will be dealing with that claims process and trying to run your company simultaneously.

 What if your property falls victim to a fire or storm damage that has made it impossible to operate? Water damage, smoke damage, hail and wind, faulty machinery, malfunctions in systems you run within your business, these issues and more can bring your company to a sudden stop.   

When you file a claim with your insurance company, you expect they will help you. You pay your monthly premiums and have heard only good things about them. If they delay, deny, or underpay on your claim, the result is only confusion, disappointment, and frustration from you, but certainly not compensation. Probably not how you thought insurance works is it? If you are not sure what to do about it, call in a Fort Worth public insurance adjuster from Bellator Claims.

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How Can a Fort Worth Public Insurance Adjuster Help Me?

A public licensed insurance adjuster is someone who instead of working for the insurance company, works exclusively for you, the policyholder. When your insurance company sends out their adjuster to see damage at your company workplace or home, that adjuster works for the insurance company, and is paid by that insurance company.

Not every insurance company will cause problems, in fact there are some good ones out there, but there are also some bad ones waiting to make your life a hassle. Our Fort Worth insurance claims adjuster will look over your insurance policy, and your claim, and then go to work for you.   When there is a loss or damage to your business, it is up to the owner to ensure those damages are mitigated to avoid additional loss. Many times, contractors will find a claim they have filed on behalf of your business is not being paid as expected or there is a lengthy delay. If you are experiencing something like this, it is time to call in our Fort Worth insurance adjuster.

As an insurance adjuster for commercial and industrial businesses, we specialize in:

• Wind
• Hail
• Fire
• Smoke Damage   

When you file a claim with your insurance company because of damage to your business or commercial property, there is nothing easy about it. A Fort Worth property damage insurance claims process is often a complicated, and one where you will be finding your way through a maze of paperwork trails and endless phone calls.   

There are critical tasks to complete and documentation that must be thoroughly processed for your claim to succeed. As an example, a company might be eligible for Fort Worth business interruption insurance. Loss calculations must be tabulated, and these tabulations are often complex and produce volumes of paperwork. Often, the insurance policy wording is complicated, which can lead you to a dead end where your insurance claim is concerned.

If you are in the midst of a Fort Worth business interruption insurance claim or other property insurance claims in Fort Worth, it is time to call in the experts. As a business owner, you have a company to run, and operations cannot stop due to an insurance claim that seems to be going nowhere.

This is why you need a Fort Worth public adjuster to handle your commercial insurance claims. Not only do we manage all phases of your claims so you will not have to, but our experts will also document and prove all the damage you have incurred at your business. We negotiate for your best interests because we work for you.   

When Should You Hire a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster in Fort Worth?   

If you have already submitted a business insurance claim and it is delayed, denied, or underpaid, contact us. We see a lot of storm damage to businesses, but insurance companies do not always see what we see. If you are having trouble with a Fort Worth hail damage roof insurance claim, a fire damage claim, a hail damage car insurance claim, or smoke damage claims, contact us today.   

These days insurance companies are using technology like drones to inspect properties for damage, but they may not be seeing the damage that our Fort Worth fire damage claims adjuster will see when they look at it for themselves, for example. After that, your fire damage insurance claim, hail damage insurance claim, or smoke damage insurance claims, or any other claim you make because of damage beyond your control, will be shoved into a pile of unpaid claims just like the rest.   

Do not let this happen to you. As public adjusters we will not be paid or collect any upfront fees until you are compensated for your loss. Our happy clients will tell you how we have a 93% + success rate in helping you receive the compensation you deserve.  Need help with a homeowners claim for water damage? Let us know!

Let Bellator Claims Fight for You   

Navigating the business insurance claim process is complex and confusing. Leave those things to the experienced staff at Bellator Claims while you take care of running your business. You will be amazed at what we can do for you, because we do this every day for all our business clients. When damage occurs to your property, it can cause stress all around. Not only regarding your company, but to your general well-being. You may never be fully prepared for a significant business loss, but you can find the best way through the process with our Fort Worth public insurance claimc adjuster.   

If you have had it with your insurance company and are frustrated and tired of fighting for what is rightfully yours, let Bellator Claims do the fighting for you. Our experts will work for you, helping you receive the highest compensation possible. It is your right to have the best insurance adjuster on your side. Contact Bellator Claims today.

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