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Property Claims: Commercial, Industrial, School District & Municipal

Northern Colorado Public Adjusters 

For anyone who owns a business in Northern Colorado, when it comes time to present a claim to your insurance company, you want to know they will process it quickly. This allows you to have your business up and running again with little downtime. However, what happens when your claim is delayed, denied, or the payout is minimal? It is time to contact a Northern Colorado  public adjuster from Bellator Claims.

What You Need to Know About Northern Colorado Public Insurance Adjusters

Colorado is a state where the major insurance carriers often have the lowest claim payout rates in the entire country. When your business has been damaged through hail, wind, tornadoes, fire, or smoke, you need your insurance company to act on your behalf right away. When that does not happen, you may think you have no other options, but you do. When you contact our Northern Colorado insurance adjusters, you will be receiving all the claim benefits you pay for every month.   

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Public adjusters work for you, not the insurance company. They are professionals in their field of expertise, and they are employed exclusively by a policyholder when you have sustained any type of insured loss. A Northern Colorado insurance adjuster handles every last detail of the claim, and they work closely with you to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement for you that they can.   

Our Northern Colorado claims adjusters come out to inspect your loss site immediately. They analyze all damages, assemble additional data, review your insurance coverage, then determine what current replacement costs you are due. All because they work for you and not the insurance company.

What is the Property Damage Insurance Claims Process in Northern Colorado?

We handle commercial insurance claims for fire and smoke damage, wind and hail damage, and we do so for:   

• Commercial Properties
• HOAs / Multi-Family
• Industrial
• School Districts
• Municipalities

You deserve to have the money you are owed from your insurance company. Month after month, you faithfully make your insurance premium payment, and your insurance company advertises how they will be there for you when disaster strikes. If you have been left wondering what day of the week that will be, turn to Bellator Claims for help. Northern Colorado property insurance claims are what we do every day. Even if you have been denied or underpaid and your claim is now closed, we can have a legitimate claim reopened. We can do so even if it has been months, or years since you were underpaid or denied.

Insurance companies have always been known for taking your monthly payments, then paying out much less than what is equitable for you. If you have opened a commercial insurance claim and are waiting or have not heard back from your insurance company, after weeks or months, it is time to take additional action. Put our Northern Colorado insurance claims adjusters on your side.   However, remember the longer you wait, the more your options go away. Because of policy limits and state laws, you may find you are no longer entitled to what is rightfully yours.   

A Little About a Northern Colorado Business Interruption Insurance Claim

This past year has been challenging, with many businesses forced to close their doors or do business at home. Because we are licensed public adjusters, we know policies and can go to work for you. If you are a business owner, someone who owns multiple properties or rents businesses out, you may have more questions than answers.   

You may be looking at mass disruptions in your business due to closures. Are you aware that there is business interruption insurance to help see you through in these hard times? This also extends to Supply Chain Insurance and Civil Authority coverage. If you do not know what is in your insurance policy, now is the time to find out.   

Be Covered for Every Event

When you need help with your insurance company not paying out on a claim, we are ready to step in for you. We offer Northern Colorado fire damage claim assistance, as well as other types of remedies including, smoke damage insurance claims, and hail damage insurance claims in Northern Colorado.   

When you cannot get a claim paid, turn to our Northern Colorado fire damage claims adjusters. We also handle smoke damage claims. As a public adjuster, we are licensed in the states of Colorado and Wyoming. We are the local company you can trust.   

No one wants to be looking at damage to their business due to wind, storms, fire, or smoke. When you have to confront the insurance company over your underpaid or delayed claim, do not go it alone. We are here to help you process your Northern Colorado hail damage roof insurance claim or any other claim that has caused a loss to your business.   

Did you know when you work with us, we will get you up to 9x more than if you go it alone? We manage every facet of the claims process for you, and we will not be paid until you are compensated for your loss. We have an amazing success rate for each of our clients, because we know what to do for you. Remember, we are always on your side. We will help you with your hail damage car insurance claim, fire damage claim, or smoke damage claim, fighting right by your side.   

Let our Northern Colorado public adjusters go to work for you. They bring a “warrior” mentality to all they do. One thing we highly recommend is that you read your insurance policy carefully, so you know exactly what you can expect when you need to file an insurance claim. If needed, we can also help with water damage claims.  

Our Northern Colorado public adjusters are the solution you have been hoping for. For any type of business, big or small, turn to us when damage occurs to your property. You can never be fully prepared when disaster strikes, but you can have Bellator Claims working for you. For more information about all we do,  please contact our offices today.

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