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When it comes to your business, you always try to do things right. If something goes wrong and you file a claim with your insurance company, you expect they will do the right thing also. You pay monthly premiums, never miss a month, and are always told your insurance company is looking out for you. When you are denied or underpaid, it is frustrating. This is when you need a Dallas public insurance claims adjuster.

What is a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster?

A Dallas public insurance adjuster, or claims adjuster, is someone that works only on behalf of the insured and makes sure that the policyholder has fair representation when it comes to their insurance claim. Just as in real estate, the claims adjuster has a fiduciary responsibility to their client and will work hard to help them receive the best claims resolution possible.

Your insurance company might be the best in the business and may have paid out on claims in the past, but keep in mind that all insurance companies are for profit businesses. They are there to make money. Often, the field claims adjusters they send out to review a claim do not have the experience, nor the expertise, to pay your claim. For your commercial and Dallas property insurance claims, you might feel as if you have hit a dead end.

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How We Fight for your Best Interests

If you are a business owner, or have commercial properties, and you have been denied by your insurance company or underpaid on a claim, we want to speak with you. Your Dallas property insurance claims might be coming in grossly under what you expect to be paid for damages incurred to your business. When that happens, turn to the experts at Bellator Claims Resolution.

We work for you, not the insurance company. Our property damage insurance claims process is designed with our clients’ best interests in mind and is something we offer for all residential and commercial properties. We specialize in wind, hail, fire, and smoke damage for commercial, industrial, multi-family and municipalities. We are experts at claims resolution for commercial enterprises.

Our process and dedication will make all the difference in how your claim is resolved. Some facts about us include:

• We manage every phase of the claim, so you do not have to
• Our 93%+ success rate makes our clients very happy
• We not only document all damage, but prove it as well
• Our public adjuster fights for your rights
• We will not be paid until you are compensated for your loss  

We believe that when business owners pay an insurance company to help them when they have a legitimate need, that insurance company will step up and do the right thing. Often, that is not the case.

We know there are good insurance companies out there, and we also know there are those that try to cut corners when they can, often at your expense. Property insurance claims in Dallas are important to us because they mean your livelihood.

What About Dallas Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance is insurance coverage that replaces business lost in a disaster. Perhaps you have experienced a fire at your business, or there is significant storm damage, and you cannot operate until repairs are made. Many businesses that were closed due to the pandemic have also experienced loss of income.

If you have a business interruption insurance claim in Dallas that is denied, delayed, or underpaid, now is the time to contact us. There is much to know about any business interruption, and we have the experience to help you receive your claims paid in full.   

Let Our Expert Insurance Claims Adjusters in Dallas Help You   

At Bellator Claims Resolution, we specialize in fire and hail damage. If you have a hail damage roof insurance claim, a hail damage car insurance claim, a fire damage claim, or smoke damage insurance claims in Dallas that are being delayed, denied, or underpaid, let our experts go to work for you. You have rights, and we ensure that those rights are recognized.   

Even if you have a smoke damage claim or a Dallas hail damage insurance claim that has already been denied or underpaid, there are options available to you. Time is of the essence, but we can work through these claims before it is too late. 

Nowadays, insurance companies are relying more and more on alternate ways of “seeing” the damage to your business. Many times, they send out drones to do a flyover of your property. Unfortunately, drones do not catch all the damage and claims are denied based on these faulty systems. When you have a legitimate claim from fire, smoke, hail, or other damage, a Dallas fire damage claims adjuster needs to see it themselves.   

You could be looking at serious damage to your place of business that your insurance company is telling you is not there. However, if our Dallas smoke damage claims adjuster is involved, for example, our investigation will have us visiting your site multiple times, proving the damage that is there, fighting for you, and negotiating a fair settlement with your insurance company. If you have a homeowners claim for water damage, we can also help with that!

We Will Fight for You   

Do not fight the insurance companies by yourself. Let us fight the insurance companies for you. Our commercial and industrial claims are handled by us with the utmost of expertise. We never take on a claim which is not legitimate, because we know how important it is to serve you in the best ways possible. We know the deceitful ways in which some insurance companies operate to make sure profits come their way.   

You may never have needed a Dallas insurance claims adjuster before. For those times when it is necessary, when you want to have the help that you deserve.  Your insurance company owes you all the money from a legitimate claim. If they are giving you a hard time, turn to the experts at Bellator Claims today.

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