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Property Claims: Commercial, Industrial, School District & Municipal

Colorado Springs Public Adjusters 

If you have filed an insurance claim loss with your insurance company and have been denied, underpaid, or are still waiting to hear back after weeks or even months, there is help for your frustration. You need someone who will fight for you and take on the insurance companies head on. Someone who knows everything there is to know about insurance claims. What you need is a Colorado Springs public insurance adjuster from Bellator Claims.

Find a Commercial Public Insurance Adjuster in Colorado Springs to Work with Your Best Interests in Mind

Public adjusters are licensed professionals who know all the ins and outs about insurance claims. They handle every last detail of your claim, and they work closely with you, not the insurance company. Our Colorado Springs claims adjuster will act just like an insurance company personnel. They come out to inspect the damage or loss site, analyze all they see, gather additional support data, review your insurance coverage, and then determine current replacement costs exclusively for you.

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A Colorado Springs public insurance adjuster works on behalf of policyholders. In fact, they are the only property loss professionals who do so. Individuals and businesses alike hire public adjusters when they need assistance or feel a claim amount offered by their insurance company is incorrect or is insufficient.

You have a business to run. Fire, smoke, hail or wind damage to your place of business will need to be remedied fast. Often, insurance companies are great at taking your monthly premium payments, advertising how wonderful their services are, but then coming back to you with a claim amount that is just not equitable for you. That is when it is time to call a Colorado Springs insurance adjuster. 

Work with Our Colorado Springs Insurance Claims Adjuster

We help with Colorado Springs property insurance claims every day. If you are wondering whether to use a public claims adjuster for your situation, understand that we work for you, not the insurance company. As a policyholder, you have little to lose. 

Not all insurance companies are unscrupulous, but those that make it hard to receive the money they owe you cannot be tolerated. Do not feel like you are being taken advantage of any longer. We will begin the property damage insurance claims process for you, just as soon as we have all of the information. You always have options if your claim has been denied or underpaid, in fact we can even reopen a claim which has been closed. However, the longer you wait, the more those property insurance claims options go away.

Should You Consider Business Interruption Insurance?

Due to all the business interruptions of the past year, many people are wondering about Colorado Springs business interruption insurance. This specific type of insurance covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. Examples of this would be a fire that devastates your offices or building, or a natural disaster. Add to these the lockdowns and loss of revenue from the past year's business closings due to the pandemic, and you may have more questions than answers when it comes to what your next move should be. 

If you are a Colorado Springs property owner, a property manager or a business that rents from such, and you have a disruption in your business due to the pandemic, you may want to file a business interruption insurance claim. This could be due to many of your supply chain partners that have closed or are operating on a part-time basis. Your business was affected both directly and indirectly. That is a given. So, what do you do? Most property owners and business insurances will not respond in any meaningful way. What you need is to arm yourself with additional insurance, such as our Colorado Springs business interruption insurance. Read through your current insurance policy carefully, then contact us for more information.

What Types of Insurance Damage Do We Cover?

If you have a Colorado Springs fire damage claim that is in stall mode, you want someone on your side who will fight the insurance companies. We handle everything from smoke damage insurance claims to a hail damage roof insurance claims in Colorado Springs. You know how the wild and unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on your buildings. We even process hail damage car insurance claims in Colorado Springs. 

For all commercial businesses, we specialize in wind, hail, smoke, and fire damage. When you are not getting anywhere with your insurance company, you need someone to step in who knows how to deal with them. We can supply the communication skills and official, aggressive tone that gets through to insurance agents. Smoke damage claims that are not taken seriously by insurance companies will soon be paid out when we are involved.

When you have suffered a damage or loss to your Colorado Springs business, keep in mind that you are not just fighting for the current predicament you are in. It is for the future of your business, and what will happen to it if you should decide to sell. No one will be interested in a business that has not been performing optimally. We will put our Colorado Springs public adjuster skills to work for you. 

Do not go it alone. Do not be intimidated by the insurance company any longer. Smoke damage claims, fire damage claims, and Colorado Springs hail damage insurance claims are what we do every day for our clients. We can even help with water damage insurance claims.

Because we are a local company, we fight hard for you. We are licensed in Colorado and Wyoming, and with our help, on average, you will receive 9x more than if you listen to just your insurance company. Any insured loss is thoroughly documented and proved by us, as we negotiate on your behalf, not for the insurance companies. When you need a Colorado Springs fire damage claims adjuster fast, we will be by your side fighting with you in no time.

You can never be fully prepared for when disaster strikes your business, but you can benefit from experts who deal with this kind of thing every day. You have a business to run, so leave the details to our Colorado Springs public insurance adjuster. We are advocates for you, the policyholder, and negotiate with your insurance company to get you the most equitable and prompt settlement that you deserve. 

Remember, we are not paid until you are compensated for your loss. For more information, contact our offices.

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