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Provide Help With Insurance Claims

Colorado Public Adjusters Provide Help With Insurance Claims

Public adjusters often get a bad rep, which is an understandable assumption since it is undeniable that many in the industry tend to focus on getting bigger bucks by inflating their claims to get higher profits from policyholders. That’s the reputation we are working extremely hard to change.

Here at (Colorado Public Adjusters) is to protect policyholders by working to give them fair and accurate insurance settlement claims. Because that is exactly what a public adjuster should be.

We will take care of your insurance claim, so you don’t have to.

To say that filing for an insurance claim for your property after a disaster is stressful is a huge understatement. You don’t have to do it alone though, we are here to help.

Policyholder first

Expect us to protect your interest first above anything else. Our goal is to give you the most accurate, just, and balanced claims. Our team of experts will help you navigate through the entire claim process.

We use hard data

We have been in this industry long enough to understand that most, if not all policyholders, cannot afford to drag out their insurance claim process only to end in low or denied settlements. Thus, we use technology and hard data to deliver accurate and timely results. 

The truth is, most insurance claims in the United States are underpaid. Indeed, the whole process of insurance claims is complex and riddled with hitches and hurdles that make the process even more difficult than it should be. Because why not? They are not charities; they are businesses that run for profit.  Their goal is to make money. Thus, they want to pay you as little as legally possible. They also have all the time and resources to control and complicate the process. Without the help of experts, they can easily lead you astray and underpay or even deny your claim.

Fortunately, there is a way to fight back.

Whether you own a business, a commercial property, a home, or any type of property, you will likely face problems when dealing with your insurance company. When this happens, your best chance of resolving any issue is with us.

As a public adjuster, the policyholder is our client; your interest is our interest. We obsess over the details, analyze all angles of the forensic details, and verify all data to reach the right and just settlement for you. We accelerate the whole process too.

Why Hire a Public Adjuster in

Colorado Public Adjuster Duties

The primary duty of a public adjuster is to review your claim by surveying the damage to your property, make a professional estimate of the cost of the damage, and then help you file the insurance claim.  From there we will keep track of the progress; make the necessary appointments, attend meetings on your behalf, and submit additional supporting documents if needed. Additionally, we can also help you find alternate arrangement should your property becomes unsafe or inhabitable from the damage.

We are not allowed to handle bodily injury claims, car insurance claims, or third-party claims.

Basically, our job is to make sure you don’t settle for less and you get accurate and just insurance payment. We can take the stress of dealing with the exhausting insurance claim process from you.

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How Do Colorado Public Adjusters Work?

The process of insurance claim assistance that public adjusters do in Colorado is pretty much the same. But as with most things in life, not all public adjusters are made equal.

Before public adjusters can do their job, they need t get licensed by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). The license gives public adjusters the authority to do their job.

Public adjusters work directly with property owners, business owners, and policyholders to ensure an accurate, just, smooth insurance claim process.

When property owners experience damage to their property or loss, their insurance company will assign their own adjuster to review the case. This person, of course, works for the insurance company. Thus, their goal is to close the claim as quickly as possible and pay the claimant as low as legally possible. This is where the problem could start, and where the benefit of having a public adjuster on your side gets handy.

When you have a public adjuster, you have an insurance industry professional on your team.

And like anyone in your team, we will fight for your best interest.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free insurance claim process, we will inspect everything, analyze your loss and your insurance contract, and come up with the most accurate and fair computation that is right for you.

And if that amount is different from what your insurance company is offering, then we will negotiate on your behalf.

We will go back and forth with the insurance company and we will never stop until you eventually agree on a certain number.

The process will only be completed when you accept the offer. 

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Advantages of Hiring A Colorado Public Adjuster

We will do all the hard work of the insurance claim for you, from filing the paperwork, arranging inspections of your property, and negotiating on your behalf. Most of the time, we use the following advantages to support your claims:
Advantage Icon

Local Advantage

Many times, insurance companies hire adjusters from out-of-state to conduct the survey after a widespread disaster. This is usually where the problem starts, as most of the time, these outside adjusters have little knowledge about the local cost, hazards, business practices, court procedures, the goals of your company, fees, and property restrictions. That means they also don’t have the experience of dealing with local homeowners, relationships with the community, and the commercial laws in your area. Hiring a local public adjuster can help you deal with this dilemma.
Timer Icon

Save Time

Whether it’s a residential property, a business establishment, or a commercial space, we know you have priorities that supersede dealing with insurance companies. We will take over for you; we will manage your claim and help you focus on the more pressing issues and more important aspects of your life.
Expertise Icon

Claim Expertise

The process of an insurance claim is complex and full of twists and turns that can easily lead you astray and frustrate you to settle for less. You don’t have to stress yourself with that.

We are very familiar with all the ins and outs of the process, and we know how we can make it work for your benefit.
Resolutions Icon

More Efficient Claims Resolutions

To keep you safe from all the bureaucratic traps that many insurance companies use, we will do all the walking, talking, and filing for you. We will expedite your claim and get you the financial aid you need for your repairs and renovations immediately.

Finding The Right Public Adjuster

Now there are lots of public adjusters out there, and most of them, if not all, will claim to have your best interest and fight for you. But you should know they are not all made equal.

The most important thing you need to do is to find a public adjuster who has a good understanding of your expectations from your insurance claim and can find the workaround to give you the advantage even when your claim is denied. Their primary job is to negotiate better deals on your behalf, thus, you need a public adjuster company that has:
  • The license and certification to be a public adjuster
  • ​The membership from the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
  • ​The skills and resources to assess the damage to your property
  • ​Experience in working with insurance companies
  • ​The ability and commitment to communicate clearly and effectively

We Handle All Types of Insurance Claims

  • Fire damage
  • ​Hurricane damage
  • ​AC/Leaks
  • ​Mold damage
  • ​Plumbing leaks
  • ​Roof leaks

Public Adjuster Costs

Public adjusters charge a pre-arranged feed of around 5% to 15% of the final payout from your insurance claim. Most Colorado public adjusters only charge this much, and only charge it at the end of the claims process.

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Our Process

inspection icon


Our highly experienced, extensively trained, and fully equipped team will visit your property to conduct a thorough inspection. We use the latest technology for forensic data evaluation and independent damage standards to come up with an accurate and unbiased evaluation of your property damage. We will leave no stones unturned.
estimation icon


Using hard data from the inspection, our estimators will compile all the information to come up with an accurate and comprehensive estimate for your loss.
Preparation icon


With hard data and evidence on our side, we will finalize and itemize your claim package, and compare it with your insurance policy to prepare the necessary documents and reports for your insurance claim.
Negotiation icon


We will go back and forth with your insurance company, keep you up with the conversation and negotiation, and guide you throughout the whole process.
settlement icon


As soon as you agree with their proposed settlement, we will settle your claim with your insurance provider. We will make sure you get the full value of what you are entitled to do.

Has Your Property Sustained Damage by a Storm?

Are you looking to file an insurance claim for that, or have you filed the claim and would like to get the professional help that has your back? We are ready to help. 

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