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Property Claims: Commercial, Industrial, School District & Municipal

School District Risk Manager: Sam B.

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"Taylor is an expert in claims and really goes to bat for his clients. He is my first call for all my properties. He has my complete recommendation." 
-Robert T. (Facebook)
"Our claim was completely denied by the insurance company after a drone inspection. Bellator Claims Resolution got involved and immediately got the insurance company to agree to hail damage at the property and was able to negotiate on our behalf to fix our property. The best part is that our roof got completely replaced."
-Ben C. (Google Review)
"...Experts at property insurance claims. I would highly recommend him if you need an advocate to fight for you against the insurance company.
-Stephen W. (Facebook)

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Denial Of The Day Podcast
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You deserve to get the money you're owed from the insurance company. It's not your fault the insurance company took your monthly premiums, made promises to help you when you needed it and then left you out in the cold by delaying, denying, or diminishing your claim.

Don't worry if you've been denied or underpaid because we're legally authorized to help you obtain ALL of the money the insurance company owes you.  We can reopen a legitimate claim even if it has been months or sometimes years since you were denied or underpaid.

Your suspicions were right... Insurance companies make big money by taking your monthly payments then paying out much less by denying and underpaying claims. Some of the unscrupulous companies' adjusters even get bonuses when they deny your claim because it saves the insurance company money. 

If you hate being taken advantage of by your insurance company and you're tired, angry, and frustrated with the outcome of your property claim; contact us now.  We will fight for you.  We will make the insurance company pay you all of the money that's reasonably due for your legitimate property claim. Wouldn't you agree that if the insurance company owes you money for a legitimate claim they need to pay you that money, ALL OF IT!? 

You may still have options even if your claim has already been denied or underpaid,  however; the longer you wait the fewer options you have due to policy limits and state laws.  Contact us now before it's too late!

Case Study of Commercial Property Client: Multi-Family HOA

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  • 93%+ Success Rate For Our Clients, Amazing Results
  • We Manage Every Phase Of The Claim So You Don't Have To
  • We Don't Get Paid Until You're Compensated For Your Loss
  • References Available Upon Request - So Many Happy Clients
  • We Negotiate For Your Best Interests & Fight For You
As Public Insurance Adjusters
We Represent The Property Owner, Not The Insurance Company
We Specialize in Wind/Hail & Fire/Smoke Damage For These Properties:
  • Industrial
  • Multi-Family & HOAs
  • Commercial
  • School Districts
  • Municipalities

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We Also Offer Property Insurance Appraisal Services

Most, if not all, property insurance policies have an Appraisal Clause.  When there is a dispute between the insurance company and the property owner regarding the amount of loss during the property insurance claims process, the policyholder/ property owner can invoke their rights under the Appraisal Clause.    Contact us today to determine how you should move forward, you can also call 303-848-8557 or 970-882-0088

  • School Districts
  • Municipalities
  • Multi-Family & HOAs
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Bellator Claims Resolution, LLC is the best solution for various property owners to handle their commercial and residential property claims from Colorado Springs, Denver, and Northern Colorado.  Contact us today for your free claim review or call 303-848-8557 or 970-882-0088

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