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Fort Worth Fire Damage Claims

We know how stressful dealing with an insurance company can be. You faithfully pay your monthly premium and have been told good things about your company. There are quality insurance companies out there, but if you have submitted a claim and it has been denied, delayed, or underpaid, now is the time to contact a Ft. Worth fire damage claims adjuster from Bellator Claims.

Why a Claims Adjuster?

As a public insurance claims adjuster, we work for you and not the insurance company. We are here to see that the policyholder receives fair representation throughout an insurance claim. Especially when it comes to major damage from smoke or fire.   

We know that not every Fort Worth fire damage insurance claim is always handled in the same way with every company. There are good insurance companies that never want to lead you astray, but keep in mind that the adjusters sent from your insurance company are paid by that same insurance company. They work for them, not you.

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Our Fort Worth insurance claims adjuster specializes in wind, hail, smoke, and fire damage. We do so for:

• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Municipalities
• School Districts
• HOAs / Multi-Family   

Having to submit a commercial fire damage claim or a smoke damage claim in Ft. Worth can be stressful. Often, the wait takes weeks, and your business cannot operate until repairs have been made. 

Then the insurance company comes through for you, or so you think. What they offer is often not enough to help you return to business.

If You Have Been Denied or Underpaid, Contact Us

Do not worry if you are denied or underpaid on a claim. Our Fort Worth fire damage claims adjuster is legally authorized to help you to obtain all the money the insurance company owes you. Even if a claim has been closed, we can reopen it and secure the money you should have been paid.

Insurance companies make their money by taking your monthly payments then paying out less than you expect on smoke damage claims or fire damage insurance claims. If you feel you are the victim of unfair treatment from your insurance company, contact us today. You have a legitimate right to have your claim reviewed and for a different outcome for your property claim to happen.   

The last thing you want to take on is the insurance company. Leave that to our Ft. Worth insurance claims adjuster. We do the fighting for you. If you have any fire, smoke, wind, or hail damage and have coverage in your policy for it, you have a legitimate claim for all damages to be repaired.   

For any large-loss insurance claim that is covered and has been denied or underpaid, you need to seek out an insurance public adjuster. Unfortunately, when a claim progresses to that point, there are a lot of bad feelings all around. In many instances, it is justified. If your insurance company has not paid what you know is a legitimate claim to your satisfaction, you have ways to work around that.   

We Help to Resolve Your Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims in Ft. Worth    

When you have Fort Worth fire smoke damage insurance claims that have been denied or underpaid, you need help. We only take on legitimate insurance claims and will work hard to see that your claim is paid in full. As a licensed public claims adjuster, we are licensed by the state to help clients have a fully paid insurance claim.   

A lot of insurance companies are automating many of their systems, which is a money-saving feature for them. Some insurance companies are now sending out drones to look at property damage, instead of real insurance adjusters. Drones cannot pick out things like severe hail damage or may not make a rightful assessment of your fire damage claims. However, based on this substandard inspection, the insurance company can settle your claim for thousands less than what you need to open your doors again.   

Insurance companies make their money by not paying legitimate property claims. Not all Fort Worth smoke damage insurance claims, or any other type of claim, are paid to the level you might think. For any legitimate damage, be it from fire, smoke, hail, or wind damage, you do have someone who works on your behalf.   

Being a business owner, property manager, or contractor keeps you busy all day, every day. The last thing you need or want is an insurance claim to be underpaid, denied, or delayed. When you contact our Ft. Worth public insurance claims adjuster, you can take a step back and let us go to work for you. We are only paid when your claim is fully compensated, and we collect no upfront fees.   

If you are in stall mode because of an insurance claim, let Bellator Claims help you today. You have nothing to lose by contacting us. We can do the heavy lifting for you.

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