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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a public adjuster and why are they needed?

Public adjusters are independent professionals you (the policyholder) can hire to help you settle your insurance claim on your behalf from your insurance provider. They can save you from the hassle and headaches of dealing with your insurance provider.
Why should I hire a public adjuster when my insurance company has already assigned me an adjuster?

The public adjuster that your insurance company provides works for your insurance company, NOT you. Thus, this person will do everything to protect the company he/she is working for. Since the goal of the company is to make a profit, the adjuster will make sure you will receive as little compensation as legally possible from your insurance policy.

A public adjuster, on the other hand, will work for you and put your interest first. This means this professional will do everything legally possible to help you get the appropriate compensation based on your insurance policy and damages to your property.
I've already received a settlement check from my insurance company and it was not enough, should I call Colorado Public Adjusters?

Yes and you should. While it is actually quite common for businesses and homeowners to handle the insurance claim process on their own, especially for first-timers, however, note that insurance companies will always find a way to underpay their policyholders.

You don’t have to settle or feel pressured to accept their offer right away. As a matter of fact, you have years to reopen a claim. Call us today and let us take over for you.
How are public adjusters paid?

We receive a small percentage from your insurance claim, and we will not be paid until you get paid. That means we will work hard to give you the best offer possible. We will advise you of any and all offers available and leave the final decision to you.
What are the types of claims adjusters?

There are actually three types of claims adjusters, namely;

Company adjusters – these are the adjuster your insurance company provider provides; they work and get paid by the insurance company.

Independent adjusters – These professionals work for independent adjusting firms and are usually hired by insurance companies on a contract basis. They help insurance companies process claims, but again, they also work for the company.

Public adjusters – these are either freelancers or public adjusting firms that policyholders can hire to settle their insurance claims. Note that the terms private adjusters and public adjusters mean the same, and sometimes both are used interchangeably.
Can contractors help settle insurance claims too?

No. Only licensed public adjusters are allowed to settle insurance claims, whether it’s for commercial or residential properties. If contractors insist on doing so, they commit a violation of the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting, which is a felony charge.

While contractors can help fix the damages to your property, they can’t help you with your insurance claim, simply because they don’t have the experience and expertise to file the claim on your behalf.
Can I hire an attorney to settle my insurance claim instead?

Yes, but since attorneys are not experts in evaluating the total scope of your property, losses caused by interruption of your business, and the overall process of insurance claims, it is not uncommon for them to hire the services of public adjusters.

Most insurance claim disputes can be settled by public adjusters, this saves you time and money from the additional expenses of legal representation from an attorney.
I have received and accepted the check for the insurance settlement from my insurance company, is it too late to hire a public adjuster even if I have issues with it?

No, you can file for supplemental damage for undiscovered damages such as damage behind walls (when reconstruction starts), water damage, etc. 
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