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Denver Water Damage Insurance Claim 

One of the most common insurance claims we see is for water damage. Types of water damage include:

• Waterline breakages
• Overflowing toilets, sinks, or tubs
• Sewer back-up
• Roof leakage
• Storm damage which results in water damage

If you are experiencing water damage, now is the time to have our public insurance claims adjuster look at your Denver water damage claim. Water claims tend to be tricky. Often a claim comes down to exactly how the water has damaged the inside of your property. There are several ways for this to happen:

Inside Water: This water damage results from overflowing bathtubs, sinks, broken pipes, or appliances such as a washing machine. Older homes, those built 50 years ago or more, are especially vulnerable.
Below Ground Water: If a water main or sewer pipeline breaks underground, you may experience water runoff coming into your property.
Additional Water Damage Causes: As long as you have the right coverage in your policy, we can probably help you!

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When you have water damage and have filed an insurance claim only to have that claim come back denied, delayed, or underpaid, you may feel you have no other options. The good news is that you do with the right people by your side. Call our public insurance adjuster to help you with your homeowners claim for water damage in Denver.

Why a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster in Denver?

A public licensed insurance adjuster is just like those from your insurance company. The only difference is that a public adjuster works for you and not the insurance company. When the policyholder must file an insurance claim for any damage covered in their homeowner’s insurance policy, often the insurance company will look to pay out the very minimum on that claim.

All insurance companies are for-profit enterprises. Their goal is to make money. With that being said, not every insurance company will leave you disappointed. There are many that are highly-rated, and for good reason. Some will deal with your Denver water damage claims in the most professional way.   

On many occasions, a claim is submitted, but does not satisfy the homeowner. Of course, when you make monthly premium payments diligently, it is normal to expect something for it. If water damage has caused significant damage to your property, you will need the money to take care of repairs.   

Our public insurance adjuster in Denver will look at the damage incurred, then compare it to your insurance policy. Once they see that you are covered for water damage, they will review your Denver water damage insurance claim. If that claim has been denied or underpaid, it is time for action.

Tips For Filing Denver Water Damage Claims

• Always document all water damage. Take lots of photos and organize them by date.
• As soon as you can, call your insurance company. They will begin the procedure for the insurance claim.
• Review your insurance policy to ensure that the damage you have is covered. This is very important.
• It may take time to process your claim. If too much time is passing, call a public adjuster.
• If you have submitted a claim, know that your insurance costs will most likely increase once following the claim.   

In Denver, filing a homeowners claim for water damage should be an easy fix. If you run into any problems with your insurance company, know you have options available to you. Public insurance adjusters are highly skilled negotiators and are very experienced in their field. They will work for you to negotiate the highest settlement compensation.   

Today, many insurance companies rely on new technology, such as drones, to give them information. Not all Denver water damage claims can be handled in this way. We will work for your best interests and have many happy clients to show for that.   

We Will Be on Your Side   

Our public insurance adjusters work exclusively on your behalf with the insurance company. Unlike the insurance company, we do not see payment until a claim has been processed successfully. What we do for you is maximize your insurance claim.   

When you are out of patience, do not go it alone with your insurance company. Have an expert team behind you that will help you receive more than if you settled independently. We will manage every phase of your claim, so you do not have to. Contact Bellator Claims today for the resolution to your water damage claim that you are struggling to find.

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